Roura: I’m convinced that we will climb out of this dip in form"

Jordi Roura, en el partit d'aquesta nit contra el Madrid / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
The manager says that “we have to forget about this match and focus on future objectives,” he adds that “we have very important challenges ahead and we’ll fight until the end”

“In general Madrid were much more effective than us,” says Roura

Thankful to the fans

Roura also wanted to thank the Camp Nou faithful for cheering the team on throughout the whole match: “I want to highlight the fans’ reaction and thank them. They were exemplary. We know how difficult it is to play against Madrid, and the people know it too.”

Jordi Roura knows his players will give their all to win the remaining two competitions available to Barça this season, the league and the Champions League. “I have nothing to reproach the players about tonight. I’m convinced that we will climb out of this dip in form. I think we need to have absolute confidence in this team.” He added that his men need to move forward after tonight’s elimination in the Cup and focus on this Saturday’s Clásico: “It’s sad when you’re eliminated. But these players are extremely competitive and they want to win it all. We have to bounce back and find the joy in the game.”

“We have important challenges ahead”

Roura reminded the journalists in the press room that Barça are still in contention for both the league and the Champions League: “We have to forget about this match and focus on future objectives.” He added that “what we have to try to do is not let our guard down in the Liga and win it as soon as possible. We have an important match against Milan coming up and we’ll approach it with high expectations. I think these challenges are important and we’ll fight until the end for both titles.”

“Madrid were more effective”

On tonight’s match against Madrid, Roura recognised that “we knew what type of match we were going to play. I think they were extremely effective and we didn’t control their counters, which is their strength.” He added that “it’s true that in isolated plays they were very effective, it’s something that we simply weren’t in both the return and away games. In general they were much more effective than us.”

When asked about the return leg in the Champions League against Milan, the manager said that it will be a different match. “Madrid play differently. I think Milan will be more conservative.” He added: “It’s very probable that against Milan we’ll make various tactical changes. When we lose it’s normal to see what changes can be made.”