Pedro: “We want to compete in all three competitions”

The FC Barcelona forward explained that “Barça must take it one game at a time” when asked about his team’s demanding schedule in the Champions League, Liga and Copa del Rey

“Anything can happen in the Champions League, we’re going up a fantastic team,” said Pedro

“We have to take this one game at a time, the big matches are right around the corer and we want to compete in all three competitions,” said Pedro Rodríguez during a NIKE promotional event this afternoon.

The Spanish forward went on to say that “the team is strong, the players are united and that makes every training session easy and exciting. Despite the setbacks, I think the team hasn’t suffered, on the contrary, we’ve become stronger and that’s obvious on the pitch.”

Important upcoming matches

When asked about Barça’s demanding schedule, Pedro said, “we have important games coming up in the Liga and in the Champions League we have to face Milan. Then we’re back to the Copa del Rey and I’m sure we’ll be well prepared for the match [against Madrid].”

On next week’s showdown against AC Milan, the forward warned that “the best teams of Europe play in the Champions League. The games are very different to the ones we play in La Liga, both Barça and Milan are big clubs and anything can happen. In these types of ties there are no favourites and we know that they will be a very complicated rival to beat. Hopefully we will progress to the next round.”

“Fantastic team”

The versatility and quality of FC Barcelona’s roster is beyond doubt, according to Pedro: “we’ve proven any player [on the team] can do a good job and that we’re just as eager as before, and that’s very important. It doesn’t matter who plays, we’re a team with a great set of players and we hope to continue on form.”

When asked about his personal performances, he noted: “I feel great, I’m playing in a lot of matches and I’m enjoying a lot of minutes on the pitch. My manager and teammates have confidence in me and I hope to continue on form.”

Collective effort

In conclusion, the forward added that he “needs to take advantage of his strengths, which are pressuring high up the pitch, attacking, and exploiting open spaces. We all work hard to recover possession even though at times it may not seem apparent.” Pedro then praised his teammate Sergio Busquets: “he’s one of the best players in the world, it’s a privilege to play with him.”