Iniesta’s top ten comments

We look back at the midfielder’s press conference and pick out his ten best comments

Andrés Iniesta spoke to the press at midday on Wednesday to give his thoughts on the cup exit at the hands of Real Madrid and the team’s prospects ahead of two crunch games against Madrid in La Liga and AC Milan in the Champions League. We’ve picked out what we believe to be his ten most interesting comments during his press conference.

1. “Our mentality won’t change because of what happened last night”.

2. “In two isolated games against top class teams, the team has not played well as a unit. When the team performs it’s because things are generally working. When certain things go wrong, we suffer”.

3. “It’s not that the team has let go or doesn’t want to win. In some situations the opposition simply have you beat. But there are still some big games left and we’re optimistic about them”.

4. “It’s only normal for there to be doubts. That’s all part of what this is about. But the fans are always there for us when we need them”.

5. “The game on the 12th is like a final. We have to go and play like our lives depend on it”.

6. “The Milan game is a difficult one, the result is very much against us, but right now I’d still put my hand on the fire and say we’ll win”.

7. “It’s a question of pride, need and reality. We are capable of turning the game around”.

8. “We have to regain that sensation of being a compact and infallible team”.

9. “It isn’t easy without the figure of a head coach. It’s been a long time and it’s just one of the many difficulties we have had to deal with this season. But we shouldn’t say he has to come back right now just because we lost yesterday. His health is what matters most and we trust that he’ll be back soon”.

10. “My duty is to play as well as I can, whatever position they put me in”.

Iniesta Press Conference