Bojan Krkic: "This is more than just a game"

Bojan playing for AC Milan / PHOTO:
Bojan Krkic admits that Wednesday’s match is a special one for him as he’ll face his ex-team for the first time since he left FC Barcelona, but he’s confident that AC Milan have a fighting chance to make it through to the next round of the Champions League

“Barça are the stronger team, but football can be strange”

Ex-AC Milan player Gennaro Gattuso, who now plies his trade for the Swiss team FC Sion, told Mundo Deportivo that “Barcelona are the best team in the world, they are the team to beat.” When asked about Milan’s chances to tip Barça in the round of 16, he said, “you never know in football. It’s not a logical sport, football is a sport that needs to be played out. At first glance Barça are the stronger side, but last year Nocerio made it 1-1 … football can be strange.”

Bojan Krkic, who scored 41 goals for the Blaugrana in 163 appearances, told that this Wednesday’s match at the San Siro will be an emotional one for him. “It’s a special game for me but I don’t want to think too much about what feelings I have inside, I just want to concentrate on the game and on the 90 minutes of football that awaits us.” He added: “I have never played against Barcelona before and for that very reason this is more than just a game for me but I all want to do is help the team.”

The Catalan forward, who defined the match against Barça as “one of the biggest matches in the world,” is confident that his team’s recent good form in Serie A, along with the right mentality, will be enough for the Rossoneri to make to through to the next round. “This isn’t a three point match, this is a game over 180 minutes where goals are all-important. We have to score and also not concede. We have to remain focused for the entire 180 minutes,” said Bojan.