Piqué: “we mustn’t think we are unbeatable”

Gerard Piqué, en roda de premsa. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.
The Catalan defender urged the team to : “continue with the same dynamic and way of playing which has given us so much confidence”

Piqué insisted that last year’s league should be. “a lesson”, whilst warning that Real Madrid can’t be ruled out.

Praise for Busquets

Piqué was full of praise for one of the stars of the Malaga game, Sergio Busquets: “playing with him is a great help for us centre halves. Tactically, he’s 10 out of 10, he reads the game really well, both in attack and defence”.

Careful, but clear – Gerard Piqué was adamant about the need to reduce any hint of triumphalism after the team’s incredible first half to the season: “we mustn’t have the feeling that we are unbeatable, because the moment you start to think that way you are most likely to lose. We have to continue with the same dynamic and way of playing which has given us so much confidence. Last year’s campaign was a lesson to us all and I think we are playing much more freely now”.

In form

Despite his caution, Piqué admitted that the team is enjoying a great moment: “it’s something you can’t put your finger on, but I think we have been playing more comfortably over these last few games. What matters though, is how we end up in May – if we are still in with a chance for the various titles”. Piqué also spoke about the depth and variety of the squad: “ we can switch things around – we have plenty of players up front who can all bring something different and that really gives us an edge. We have a great and competitive squad”.


Piqué insists though that despite the fantastic start to the season and the praise the players are receiving: “we know how we have to deal with that – sometimes the praise can cause more damage, but we just have to focus on our work. We know the league is not over and there’s still a long way to go. The Champions League and the Cup will help us stay on our toes”.

FC Barcelona News wroted that the Spanish World Cup winner also insisted that Real Madrid are not out of the title race: “I have always said they are a threat until it’s mathematically impossible. There’s something about Madrid – when their fans and the team believe in their chances, they start to win back games and win leagues from seemingly impossible positions. We just have to keep on playing our own game”.