Carles Puyol: “Now we have to focus on the Cup and the Liga”

Puyol i Villa intenten rematar una pilota amb el cap / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
The FC Barcelona captain says that there is much to focus on between now and the Champions League round of 16

“I haven’t seen Leo yet. He’s currently undergoing tests. Hopefully it’s nothing serious,” says Puyol

Carles Puyol was one of the footballers to talk to the press this Wednesday after the Champions League match against Benfica. The Blaugrana captain was adamant that he doesn’t want to talk about Barça’s hypothetical rival in the next round of the competition: “I don’t care who our next rival is. You know that I like to play against Milan because I admire that team. In any event, there’s a lot left to go and now we have to focus on the Cup and the Liga.”

On Messi’s injury, Puyol said, “I still haven’t seen Leo. He’s currently undergoing tests. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. The only thing I’ve heard is that the keeper fell on top of him.” Puyol spoke for the whole team when he said that the bad news from the match was the Argentine’s injury.

Here are the statements made by Thiago, Pinto and Rafinha after the match:


“Despite playing with younger players we still wanted to win. We were as ambitious as ever. The bad news is certainly Messi’s injury. Hopefully it’s not serious.”

On playing with his younger brother and cousin: “We thought the time would come when all three of us would play together. It was a beautiful moment. The family really enjoyed it.”

“All of the reserve players that come up play with such eagerness and they do a great job. Conceptually, they are very sound.”

“I feel great, just a bit tired. Little by little I’m getting back into the swing of things.”


“The doctors are taking a look at him. I was able to talk briefly with him and he seems to be in good spirits.”

“Benfica had more on the line than we did, but we were motivated enough to try to win the game.”

“I’m very happy that I got to play. I try to be ready when the manager asks me to play.”

“I don’t have any preference. No matter who we play against it will be difficult.”


On playing with his older brother and his cousin: “I told them that this Wednesday would be unforgettable. Playing with both of them was fantastic.”

“I don’t know how Messi is doing. I hope he recovers soon.”

“We knew that Benfica needed to win to go on to the last 16 and that they would give it their all to clinch a spot in the next round.”