. @3gerardpique, 200 official matches with Barça

Piqué reaches 200-match mark with FC Barcelona / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB
The Blaugrana center back completed his 200th official match in a FC Barcelona strip this Sunday evening

Piqué by season

2008/09: 45 matches, 3 goals
2009/10: 49 matches, 4 goals
2010/11: 51 matches, 4 goals
2011/12: 38 matches, 2 goals
2012/13: 17 matches, 1 goal

This Sunday’s match against Atlético Madrid was Gerard Piqué’s 200th official match in the Blaugrana strip.

14 goals scored

Piqué, who celebrated his first century for FC Barcelona on September 22 of 2010 (Barça-Sporting), played his 200th official match for Barça with a goal tally of 14 goals for the Blaugrana. His 200 games for Barça are divvied up in the following competitions: 120 in La Liga, 46 in the Champions League, 23 in the Cup, 7 in the Spanish Super Cup, 3 in the Club World Cup, and 1 in the European Super Cup.

14 titles

The Catalan center back has won a total of 14 titles with FC Barcelona. He’s won three Ligas, two Champions Leagues, two Club World Cups, two Copas del Rey, two European Super Cups and three Spanish Super Cups.

On form

The player formed in La Masia is playing at a similar level to his standout 2008/09 season, when Barça claimed the first (and only) Champions League-Liga-Cup treble in Spanish football history. After recovering from injury, he’s been named to the starting line-up eight consecutive times. Piqué is an important player for Vilanova, just like he was for Pep Guardiola.