@andresiniesta8 overtakes Guillermo Amor to reach sixth place in the ranking of all-time Barça appearances

Amor and Iniesta, at the Ciutat Esportiva  / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB
Iniesta, just like Amor in his day, is a shining example of the Barça Masia youth academy. He’s on the verge of playing his 422nd competitive match for Barça to reach sixth place in the ranking of all-time Barça appearances.

Amor: “Actualment hi ha una generació de futbolistes que trencarà tots els rècords. Desitjo que l’Iniesta encara sumi més partits. S’ho mereix”

Players with most appearances

Xavi, 647
Puyol, 564
Migueli, 549
Valdés, 476
Rexach, 447
Amor, 421
Iniesta, 421

Just a few weeks after celebrating the tenth anniversary of his first Barça appearance, Andrés Iniesta could make it 422 first team run-outs if he plays this Sunday against Levante. If he does so, he’ll overtake another Barça legend, Guillermo Amor (421), to take sixth position in the ranking of players with the most first team appearances.

Two symbols of the Masia

Iniesta and Amor met up at Saturday’s training session and gave us their reactions. Amor told us, “It’s complicated playing for Barça and making 421 appearances is even more difficult. I think the key is to take it one day at a time and just focus on doing well in the next training session and the next match. If you do a good job then logic says that you can keep on playing and accumulate more games. Thanks to that, at the moment there’s a generation of players who will break all the records”.

As for Iniesta, he’s in no doubt about the significance of his achievement: “It’s a really important figure. It means that as the years go by, things are still being done well. Overtaking a legend of the Club like Amor is really nice”.

Mutual praise

The two men were speaking very near to where the stars of the future are being produced, and where they spent some of the most important years of their personal and professional lives so far. Iniesta explained, “Amor was very young when he came to the Masia and he had a tough time far away from his family. I can really identify with that. He grew up in this Club, he has the same style of football as us and that is also really special”.

As well as being superb examples of the Barça youth system, both players set a good example off the pitch. According to Amor, “Iniesta is an exceptional player and a fantastic person. He, like Messi, Xavi and many others, are examples for the younger lads. He’s even better off the pitch than on, and believe me that’s really difficult because he’s a great player. I hope he makes many more appearances because he deserves it”.

Iniesta reaches sixth place

Just one more match and Iniesta will overtake Amor to take sixth place in the ranking of most competitive appearances for Barça. The ranking is led by Xavi (647), followed by Puyol (564), Migueli (549), Valdés (476) and Rexach (447).

7) i que segueixen Puyol (564), Migueli (549), Valdés (476) i Rexach (447).