Villa: “I'm in the best team in the world, and the competition is fierce”

After the match against Alavés, David Villa explained that tonight’s goal and the one in Vallecas “are important”

Training session on Wednesday

The team will return to training at 12.00 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. There will not be a press conference after the session.

David Villa scored the opening goals this weekend against Rayo and this evening against Alavés. When asked about his performance, he said: “I’m pleased, I’m returning to form and that’s really good for me, I feel good on the pitch,” he said after the match.

The Blaugrana forward, who is gaining confidence and the killer instinct in front of goal that’s defined his career, stated that he’s “in the best club in the world and the competition to get playing time is very fierce, we play a lot of games and there are a lot of competitions. I’m at the manager’s disposition.” He also recognised, like any footballer, that he “wants to play as much as possible. There’s another game on Saturday.”

Here are the statements made by the FC Barcelona players after the match:


“We played really well and we got a good result, we’ll give it our all in the return leg.”

“The playoff isn’t over but we took a big step toward the next round.”

“Alavés have a very good team and a very good manager, they are a serious side and their defence is very good”

“We moved the ball around well and we worked hard to score, I’m pleased because we managed to not concede any goals”

“When you work hard you get playing time and you need to take advantage of the time you’re given so you can keep on playing”

“The team gives it their all and that allows us to win a lot of games. We did a good job, we know that it wasn’t going to be easy and we took the match seriously, I believe that this team is great”


“We knew that if we didn’t start out strong that the game could have gotten a bit complicated, the team played a great game”

“This is a very competitive team, when I played for Arsenal I could see it, it’s more than the talent that’s here, it’s the desire and effort that’s put into each game, I wanted to experience that. It’s magnificent to be able to be on the pitch with these players”


“I’d like to take it one step at a time and I want the manager to send out the team that he thinks is the best, I’m ready for anything he needs me for”

“The players are concentrated on the match until the referee blows the final whistle”

“I’ll never be surprised by this team. Ever since I arrived here, these players have shown ambition and the desire to keep on winning and humility. I am surprised by how humble they are.”

“Bartra, is getting better little by little, he’s comfortable on the pitch and I thought he played a good match. I still need to get to know him better, but he has a lot to give to this team.”