Jordi Alba: “This is a well-deserved victory”

The left back, who scored the match winner in the dying minutes of the match against Celtic FC this evening, said: “We hope we can experience more nights like this. We’re pleased to have won nine points, hopefully we can keep the streak alive”

Jordi Alba has shown match after match that he’s the perfect type of player for Barça’s style of play. Games aren’t finished until the referee blows the final whistle, and this Tuesday the defender netted the match winner and secured the three points for Barça in the 94th minute. “This team has shown that you can win the game in the last minute. This is a well-deserved victory,” he said.

The Catalan defender, who was very active both on the attack and on defence, put in a brilliant performance against Celtic Glasgow this evening at the Camp Nou. When asked about tonight’s match and Barça’s position Group G, he said: “We hope we can experience more nights like this. We’re pleased to have won nine points, hopefully we can keep the streak alive.”

Here are the statements made by the players after the game:

Marc Bartra

“Tito told me to be clam, to play like I know how; to play easy football.”

“We presented a good case to win the three points and we played an excellent match.”

“We weren’t too lucky when they scored. We played very well, we almost didn’t let them have the ball at all.”

“We’re almost in the knock-out round, that’s our objective and to keep on moving forward.”

“Tito has helped me tremendously, he picked the ideal moment to let me play. He knows me well and he knows Barça well. This is one of the happiest days since I came to the Club, every player dreams of this moment.”

Andrés Iniesta:

“After their goal that they closed themselves off at the back and it was very difficult [to break through], it would have been unjust if we hadn’t won.”

“We were convinced that the ball would go in. It could have happened earlier, but the game isn’t over until the final whistle.”

“It’s never easy to maintain your concentration on defence when the team is on the attack all game long. Marc and Mascherano were fantastic.”

“The objective was to win nine points, our position in the group couldn’t be better.”

Javier Mascherano:

“The team doesn’t get tired of pushing forward, we could have given up but we kept on trying up until the end.”

“I think justice was served, we had 11 or 12 shots on goal to only one of theirs. Justice was served.”

“This season is teaching us that a match isn’t over until the final whistle, this isn’t the first time that this has happened to us.”

“If I hadn’t touched the ball I think Víctor would have saved it. Lady luck hasn’t been on my side lately.”

“We had no problems on defence, they didn’t create any chances. I think we put in a good performance.”

Pedro Rodríguez:

“We’ve had a couple of games where we needed to mount a comeback, it’s never easy and we have to give credit to the team. This team doesn’t give up.”

“I felt good on the pitch, it’s a shame that I wasn’t lucky in front of goal – just like the whole team.”

“When you lose possession on offence, you need to win the ball back on defence; that’s my job too.”