Clasico and Champions League in the top videos of the week

El mosaic del Camp Nou per al Clàssic / FOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB
Review the bests videos of the week: Clasico, Magic Johnson, Champions League and more

Clasico, Champions League and iconic players as Magic Johnson or Rivaldo are the stars of the videos of the week.

10. Aimar Messi’s childhood idol

9.Rivaldo enjoys Barça

8. Maynard: “We learn when we face a challenge”

7. 20 goals in 20 Clasicos

6. Magic Johnson: “Messi is my favorite, he’s my man”

5. Barça Toons ready for Clasico

4. Highlights Benfica-Barça

3. Puyol returns to Barcelona

2. Leo Messi: “We would have liked to win”

1. The Mosaic with Senyera at the Clásico