A lead of champions!

Xavi and Higuaín / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB
Every time Barça have received Real Madrid at the Camp Nou with a lead of eight or more points, they have gone on to take the league title

Only once have Madrid come to the Camp Nou trailing by eight points – and on that occasion they went down 2-1

An eight point lead is a good sign – firstly because it’s a big lead after just six games and secondly because historically speaking, Barça have always taken the title in the past when their great rivals have come to the Camp Nou eight points or more behind.

Same lead more than 20 years ago

The only time that Barça and Real Madrid have met at the Camp Nou with an eight point difference between them was in the 1990/91 season, when Johan Cruyff’s team won 2-1 in week 18, with goals from Laudrup and Spasic on their way to the league title.

Bigger lead

Madrid have come to Barcelona even further behind on two other occasions: in 2006/07 (11 points) and 2008/09 (9 points). On the first, the teams drew and Barça won the second, going on to take the title at the end of both seasons.