Villa: "It's important to win convincingly"

Villa celebrates his goal against Getafe / PHOTO: MiGUEL RUIZ - FCB
The FC Barcelona players are happy with the team’s victory over Getafe, especially the FC Barcelona forward, who once again scored and noted that he “feels better each day”

FC Barcelona’s forward, David Villa, was very optimistic after this afternoon’s match against Getafe. El Guaje said that “I feel better each day. I need to be patient and keep on working.” Villa also explained his goal celebration: “I’m going to have another child, he’s due in February and I’m very happy that I got to dedicate the goal to him.” The FC Barcelona forward, who scored Barça’s fourth goal, noted that “what every player likes to do is to feel good on the pitch and the best feeling always comes when you score. I’m happy that I was able to contribute to the team’s victory.”

“It’s a statistic, it’s always hard to play here and win; winning with authority [at Getafe] is important to us,” said Villa after the match. “We always highlight this match on the calendar as one of the most difficult away games of the season. In addition, last year we dropped points here. Therefore, we’re doubly pleased,” he added. On the possibility of featuring in Barça’s future line-ups, he said: “it depends on the manager, I’m in optimal form. Obviously the other players that play in my position are better prepared because I’ve been on the sidelines for a long time, but I feel good; I’m eager and strong.”

The following are statements made by the players after this afternoon’s match:


“We played a good game, the conditions weren’t the best because we were coming off of playing matches for our respective national teams and we had a couple of players missing due to injury. But the field was in good condition, the pitch was perfect. We dominated the game. It’s awfully cold here if you come later in the year.”

(On Real Madrid) “We’ve only played four games, this isn’t that important [in reference to the point gap between the two sides). We’re feeling good, though. We’ve won four out of four games. We have to continue like this.”


“We played football really well, we dominated from the start. They closed themselves off a the back but we played at a high level and we deserved the win.”

“We played with a lot of intensity and tension, we dominated possession, we didn’t commit silly fouls and we didn’t lose the ball needlessly. We’ve matured, the team played really well today.”

“I personally feel great, fresh. Thiago played a brilliant game, as did Cesc. Busquets, like always, giving us that equilibrium and starting the plays from the back … We all played at a high level and we managed to win the game. It’s hard to play here, so we should be proud of how we played.”

(On Real Madrid) “We have to see how that game ends (Sevilla-Real Madrid), but it would be good (if they didn’t win). It would give us an important advantage and they have to come visit the Camp Nou soon. Let’s see what they do.”

(On the Champions League): “I’m very excited and I’m very eager, we start off at home and we have to win. We’re very motivated, we’ve won all the points in the Liga so far and we want to start off our Champions League campaign with a victory.”