Busquets confident in management team

Busquets,with his new Nike PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB.
Sergio Busquets is grateful for the support he has received from the Barça coaches, and modestly claimed that “I don’t feel like a first choice player, that depends on your performances and if you don’t work hard you don’t play”

Sergio Busquets is once again a regular in the centre of the Barça midfield, as he has been since he joined the first team in 2008. Speaking at a Nike promotion, he thanked both Vilanova and Guardiola for their support. “It is important to trust your coach” he said. “And I always have done, both now and before, even though I never feel like an automatic first choice player. That depends on your performances and if you don’t work hard you don’t play”.

Busquets also spoke about two fellow central midfielders that are frequently moved back into defence. “We need players at the back and they were chosen” he explained. “Mascherano adapted to the role very well and Song is doing the same”. He added that the Cameroonian still needs time to get used to his new team, but doesn’t believe that they are in direct competition with each other. “We are all here to help the team and win points” he said, adding that “I’m ready to play wherever the boss asks me to”.

Long way till clásico

There are games against Sevilla and Benfica before FCB meet Real Madrid on October 7, and the former are the ones that matter right now to Busquets. “We have two games ahead of us, so there’s still some time to go” he observed. “That game won’t decide anything, it’s still too early. It’s great to have put some distance between us, but the league season is a long one. Last year Madrid strung together a long series of wins and we are going to have to do the same thing”.

He was also asked about the apparent argument between Messi and Villa during the Granada match. Said Busquets, “the incident was just part of the game. Messi is the same as ever, he wants to win. We all want to win, but strikers also want to score goals”.