Barça’s Champions League rivals make important squad changes in summer transfer window

Witsel (left) leaves Benfica, Jurado (middle) joins Spartak and Miku (right) signs for Celtic
Benfica, Spartak and Celtic make important changes to their respective squads in the final days of the summer transfer window

Witsel and Javi Garía leave Benfica, Jurado joins Spartak, and Miki and Lassad sign for Celtic

The teams that will face Barça in this year’s Champions League group stage jumped on the chance to make important changes to their respective squads in the final hours of this summer’s transfer window. Since the day of the Champions League draw, Benfica sold two of its most important players, while Spartak and Celtic have signed players that are well accustomed with the Spanish league.

60 million euros for Javi García and Witsel

Of Barça’s three rivals, the team that made the most money in this summer’s transfer window was Benfica. The Lisbon-based team sold Javi García to Manchester City, and just recently sold Witsel to Zenith. In addition, Benfica also sold Saviola (Málaga), Capdevilla (Espanyol) and Nelson Oliverira (Deportivo). In total, the Portuguese side have accrued 60 million euros through the sale of its players.

Talent for Spartak and Celtic

Barça’s first rival in the group stage, Spartak Moscow, have brought in new talent for the upcoming season. The Russians brought in José Manuel Jurado, ex-Atlético Madrid and Schalke 04 player, Kallstrom (Lyon) and Insaurralde (Boca Juniors).

Celtic strengthened their front line with two forwards that have La Liga experience, Lassad (Deportivo) and Miku (Getafe). The two new signings will content for a starting line-up spot with Samaras.