Messi: "It's important to start off winning"

Leo Messi on 'El Marcador' after the match against Real Sociedad / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB
The Argentine forward said that his main objective is to “fight for all of the titles” because the players “are as confident as ever” and that he wants to “keep on winning important titles for the Club”

On Barça’s next match, against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup, the forward believes that it is “a complicated match” because Madrid are a side “with a lot of experience”

The man of the match in Tito Vilanova’s debut in official competitive play was Leo Messi. After the match against Real Sociedad, the Argentine talked with Barça TV’s ‘El Marcador.’ Messi, who scored a brace this evening, said that despite having a new manager that the team “continues to play with the same philosophy. We’re playing with the same style of play.” On the match and the three points won, Messi believes that “it’s important to start off winning,” seeing that Tito Vilanova wants “to fight for all of the titles.” He added, “we’re a team that wants to keep on winning important titles for the Club,” he also noted that he’s as eager as ever to achieve success: “I want to win it all, like Tito. It will be difficult, but we’ll try.”

Real Madrid looming

This Thursday, Barça will play the away led of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid. “It will be a complicated match because they are an experienced rival,” warned Messi. The Argentine believes that the key to winning is “for all the players to actively participate so that we can score goal.” Barça’s playmaker and goalscorer is confident that his team-mates are completely dedicated to the cause because “we’ve been playing together for a long time” and in training “we practice what we want to do in games.”

The Azulgrana personally aspires to help the team throughout the entire year, just as he did in the pre-season: “I felt great, it’s been a while since I’ve had a complete pre-season.”

Tello, Alexis and Cesc

Messi only had words of praise for this team-mates. On Tello, he explained that “we know each other and I know what qualities he has.” The Argentine also praised Cesc, who he admires because “it wasn’t hard for him to adapt to Barça’s philosophy.” Messi also said that Alexis has the entire year to adapt to the team’s style of play, and that “last year he had a bit of bad luck” while noting that this year he’ll score a lot of goals.