Camp Nou Wallpaper

Here’s a dark and moody Camp Nou wallpaper for you to download.

There are 2 versions:  one is dark and with more contrast, while the other is a little more milky and the yellow club slogan is less bright.   The lighter one looks good on my MacBook Pro, (my desktop icons show up better against it), while the darker one is best on our PC screen.



Follow the links to download the size which is relevant and best for your device, and then Right-click on the image and “Save Image As” to download.

Measurements are in pixels. 

800 x 600 Dark
1024 x 768 Dark
1024 x 1024 Dark  (iPad size)
1280 x 800 Dark
1280 x 1024 Dark
1440 x 900 Dark
1600 x 1200 Dark
1920 x 1080 Dark

800 x 600 Light
1024 x 768 Light
1024 x 1024 Light (iPad size)
1280 x 800 Light
1280 x 1024 Light
1440 x 900 Light
1600 x 1200 Light
1920 x 1080 Light

Let me know, (in the comments), if you require any size that’s not already here.

Please give me the pixel dimensions, so that I don’t have to go and hunt them down for each different monitor or device!

This is the original image, which you can download here:  Camp_Nou_Day