blitzen awards, the fruity cocktail edition

Here is your last lot of blitzen awards for the season. I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for all the positive feedback. This is definitely mes que un blog!

My Heart Exploded Award: This was one of the first blitzen awards ever given out, for Iniesta’s joyful leap into Messi’s arms during the CL second leg match against Arsenal in the 2010-2011 season. I had a similar reaction to Iniesta jumping onto Messi after his goal in the CdR final. Pure joy and happiness and no player deserves it more.

Waka Waka Award: Wasn’t it nice of Pedro to celebrate his second goal by flashing Pique’s 2-2 hand signs in honour of Shakira? How sweet. :P

MOTM Award: I really don’t want to single anyone out. You could tell from the first moment the team stepped on the pitch that they were determined not to let Pep’s last chance for a trophy slip from their grasp. No one was going to be responsible for losing this cup. If I have to pick, I will give it to Pedro, for the most improved player. He worked his little butt off and scored two gorgeous goals. This is the Pedro! we have been waiting for all season, and his excellent performance has even earned himself a callup to the Euros!

R E S P E C T Find Out What It Means To Me Award: What a lovely gesture for Puyol to borrow an Ikurrina (Basque flag) from someone in the crowd and take it on a victory lap along with the Catalan Senyera. It’s so nice to have a rival like Athletic Bilbao. The way the Basques and the Catalans respected each other on and off the field was…refreshing, no?

He Ain’t Fonti He’s My Brother Award: Puyol & Fontas switched shirts, I’m assuming at Puyi’s insistence. Because he’s just like that. He has kind of adopted Fontas, making sure he feels included despite his injury, taking him out with the moc moc crew. Exactly the sort of thing we have come to expect from our Capita.

John Terry Memorial Award For Sportsmanship: Speaking of which, I guess Puyol’s arms must just be tired from all the years of lifting trophies, as he insisted Xavi do the honours. Of course, Xavi being Xavi, he insisted right back, but finally bowed to his captain’s wishes before they could come to blows over it. :D

Copa Del Rey Abidal Award: And here it is:

El Caganer De Las Zonas Técnicas Award: I think we have found a new nickname for Bielsa.

Flavor Flav Memorial Timepiece for Superlative Swag: Pinto! For making customized SwaggaSunglasses for all the players and taking pics with all of them, even Xavi & Iniesta!

Job Well Done Award: This was a difficult season in many ways. Injuries, fatigue, pressure all took their toll. But Pep says this team played the best football they have since he took charge 4 years ago. They ended the season with 4 of the 6 trophies on offer, advanced to the semifinals of the Champion’s League, and came within striking distance of catching up to Real Madrid in the League. And they did all of this playing beautiful, technical, attacking football that was a joy to watch. All I can say is Thank you team, Thank you Pep, Thank you to all the technical, medical, and support staff. This team gives us so much, we can only be grateful for everything.

Heigh ho, Heigh ho, It's off to Euros I go!

And a few bonus awards from yesterday’s charity futsal game. If you missed it, you should be very sad because it was a ton of fun for everyone involved.

Lionel Messi Award For Being Lionel Messi: Victor Valdes, who revised his jersey with the help of a bit of tape to read Messi 10, and proceeded to be a monster for both sides playing as a pivot.

Send In The Clown Award: Pique, for being the hammiest hamster that ever hammed it up (and scoring great goals in the process, I must add). He was clearly having the time of his life playing to the crowd. Here is a typical Pique moment.

Life Is A Cabaret Award: The Autonomous State of Catalunya, for proving that they are the world capital of cheesy song-and-dance numbers. Seriously, if they were allowed to compete in Eurovision, they would have it all sewn up!

Mes Que Un Goalkeeper Award: Let’s see, you all want a tall, mature player who is content to sit on the bench and come in and be our goalscoring Plan B? Look no further than Pinto! He scored a beauty today, charging out from his goal into the opposition’s box and putting it away with style! Done and done.