Barcelona Kits 2012-13

Because there’s no better place to unveil a jersey that a team of sweaty men wear, Barça unveiled their 2012-13 home and away kits in an art museum. I mean, er, what, yeah? Okay, I guess. I imagine the color copies we didn’t make this year have saved us an extraordinary amount of–nevermind, you’re here for the jerseys, right?

Here at BFB, you get what you asked for:

Home 2012-13

It’s not so bad. I mean, really, it’s not. I think my eyes gloss over the QF logo, which I’m still not down with, and the darker blue is better than the rumored slightly lighter blue.

Away 2012-13

I do actually love the old orange away from 2006-07, but I wasn’t a fan of the 2009-10 “mango” disaster. This feels like they wanted to do both, but couldn’t decided on which, so they made a combination that just looks…awful. Also it’s held together by tape?

We’ve certainly lived through worse shirt designs and I’m not totally convinced the home one is actually all that bad thanks to the darker blue, as I said. Overall, though, I’m splitting hairs. I kind of hate them and the “let’s sell more jerseys with constant redesigns” horse they rode in on.