Alves: “We were superb against Milan”

Dani Alves agianst Milan / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ
That Barça defender said that the result “is in accordance with the amount of goalscoring chances we created”

Mascherano: “the match could have ended with a much larger difference”

Training session on Wednesday

Messi and Piqué both underwent an anti-doping test after tonight’s match. The team’s next training session is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:00, behind closed doors, at the Ciutat Esportiva Sant Joan Despí. Cuenca will give a post-training press conference.

Contained joy in the Barça dressing room. After beating Milan in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the Clués are already focusing on the next round of the competition: the semifinals. “We can’t be satisfied with just this. A team of this quality needs to be happy if they win titles. We have a very difficult semifinal coming up, if we win it we can be happy. Until then, we need to be cautious because we are still one step away,” said Dani Alves. However, the Barça defender refused to say which team he’d prefer to play against in the next round: “we aren’t the ones who decide, we’ll have to prepare well against whoever we we’re matched up with. At this point in the competition any team is difficult to beat.”

Praise for his teammates

“It was a grand night, a fantastic response from my teammates. Today, more than ever, I’m very proud to be part of this great family called Barça,” said Dani Alves on his Twitter account. The defender also weighed in of the attitude of Guardiola’s team: “we knew that we had a great team in front of us and that the tie was difficult but the team responded perfectly.

“I liked the team’s good play and the disposition of my teammates,” said Alves who is happy that Barça eliminated “a historic team.” He added, “the result is in accordance with the chances we created. We were magnificent.”

Here are the statements made by the FC Barcelona players after the match:


“In general, we put in a great performance on defence despite conceding a goal. They practically didn’t have any goalscoring chances, that’s due to the defensive work of the whole team.

“This is how the manager prepared the match. We had to create a lot of chances and we knew that we had to score a lot of goals.

“We started with a 3-4-3 because we needed players that would stretch out the field because Milan defends really well.

“I hope we can make it to our third final in four years. It would be great for the Club and for us. We need to be mentally strong. Regardless of who we have to play, whoever makes it to the semifinal deserves to be there and they will be difficult to beat. I have no preference.”


“We prepared ourselves for this match really well. They have very offensive-minded players and they scored on us. The result is very just and we’re happy to be in the semifinals.

“We played a bit better with four defenders because it was very dangerous to play with three. The match was more controllable with four.

“We scored the 3-1 and we tried to have long possessions. We controlled the game well and we didn’t suffer much at all.”


“We had to work hard against a great team.

“We knew that a draw was good for them. It was the type of match to try and do everything we could to win.

“I like being in the semifinals. I don’t care who we have to play against, we’ll know tomorrow; being here makes me happy.

“With this being the fifth consecutive semifinal for the team… it means that things are working out really well and that the team’s desire is to go far.

“Another semifinal. A big thank you to the fans for their support.”


“I’m proud to play in this team. We played a great match. Thanks to everyone for the support.”


“To the Champions League semifinals for the fifth consecutive time! Let’s enjoy it!”