The Strongest Teams in the Competition- Brazil and Spain

Candidates for the title are prepared as they travel to South Africa with big expectations.

There are only two months left in which to launch the most anticipated tournament in the world, and I can only think of the favorites and of the big teams. As a football fan, I already have my World Cup betting picks.

Brazil is a team that has demonstrated the quality of its players in World Cup history. The Brazilians have been marked by their great performances in each of their matches, especially when they come to a world championship.

The five-time World Cup champions always arrive at the tournament as favorites, and for this year, Brazil can think of a South Africa 2010 World Cup title and open the 2014 tournament with the trophy at home.

With opponents such as Ivory Coast and Portugal, Brazil enters as one of the 10 best teams in the world, as ranked by FIFA, and is the second favorite to win the World Cup.

On the other hand, without titles in a World Cup tournament, Spain ranks as the favorite to be world champion. After the big performance of the Spanish in Euro 2008, “La Roja” has proven their good game in the qualification process and the ability of its players to reach the final in South Africa.

The team, led by Vicente Del Bosque, will have as opponents Switzerland, Honduras, and Chile, with Chile being the toughest opponent of the group, only one point down from Brazil in the CONMEBOL qualifying process. But I think that the ability of the coach and his players will allow Spain to qualify in first place in Group H and continue fighting for a first world title in Spanish soccer history.

Brazil and Spain have all the attention for this World Cup. Iker Casillas, Xavi, Puyol, Raul, Fernando Torres, Kaka, Diego, Robinho, and Adriano are some of the big stars from these two teams, and I know that they will give a great show beginning on June 11 in the most anticipated event the world. (Other Barcelona players: Iniesta, Valdes…)