Mino: Ibracadabra-Balotelli switch, why not?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is unhappy, and could take miserable actions, the title says all, and we are giving you translated text of interview that his agent Mino Raiola gave us:

“Ibra is very bad, very sad and is disappointed. He is a great player who wants to always play. It wants to always dispute the important parties”, commented I mine Raiola, representative of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, lamenting itself of the suplencia of the Swedish in the party of the Champions against the Stuttgart.

Most peculiar it is than the representative of Zlatan complained which the Swedish gives many attendances of goal so that their companions mark, whereas he thinks that the others only think about marking and they do not go it. One will talk about to I read Messi?

“When he is bad, it gives many attendances to the equipment, and when it is well, it gives attendances and also it marks goals. However there are players who only mark and they do not give attendances”, evaluated the representative of the Swedish forward.