Barcelona was amused with the Stuttgart to happen to the quarters of end of the continental match. The Flea was unstoppable: it did first, the third party, and unfolded soccer by all sides. The absence of Xavi did not notice, Touré rendered in great level, and Pedro gave to the right to Pep marking the second him. They measure the perimeter of completed the task. Who stops to the Barça in its way to Madrid?

It was necessary to give an authority blow on the table. The best equipment of the 2009 world had the pressure to continue being it this 2010. In case that outside little, loaded with himself the recent failure of Real Madrid and, to a lesser extent, the one of Seville. Good part of Spain ignited the television to 20,45 to see the unique national survivor in Champions League, Barcelona.

Culés had one lasts shutdown before the Stuttgart of Germany by eighth of end of the continental match, but everything was ready so that the orchestra of Guardiola sounded once again. They would not count on one of the best directors, because Xavi was low of last moment.

But, at least dramatic it could be for the Germans, if Messi played? The answer: little. The Argentinean arranged already from first half of the spaces that to him as much it likes to have. He is that the rival had to go to by a goal not dying, could not go away of the Camp Nou without writing down. The 1-1 in Germany forced that.

That obligation condemned to him. Messi, to the 15 minutes, took the ball to almost 50 meters from portería German. It ran, it ran, and it continued running. When one got tired of which the Germans watched the legs to him, he nailed zurdazo to the right angle of Lehmann. Some nostáligco compared that firing with the one from Maradona to Greece in World-wide the 1994. Unique the real thing was 1-0.

Seven minutes later, the Stuttgart gave another sample of impotence. One surrendered again on the feet of the Messí-ace: it passes quirúrjico of the “10” for the entrance in solitude of Touré, flat center to means, and 2-0 of Pedro. The been born one in Tenerife gave the reason him to Pep in not putting to Ibrahimovic.

That tribute of Messi to Xavi was the last great sparkle of the first time. The party was not party since it knew that number 1 of the Castrol Ranking had desire to play, something that did not say, but exposed in each ball that touched.

The Germans did not give the stature and they did not seem to know the rules the championship: they never insinuated to want to mark in the Camp Nou. If sometimes it smelled Cacau, were because some culé happened to him close. All then preparation to see the second time, another blaugrana monologue.

“If, if, if, champions in Madrid”, were delirious the liking when Messi culminated another spectacular play, the 3-0 partisan. 58 minutes went when Pedrito was by right, gave back for Dani Alves, that of heel attended the goleador. The closing of the Flea became the fourth goal in seven parties by Champions, and the 31 in 36 official codisks in the season. The numbers do not lie.

The celebration already finished and the goal of Measures the perimeter of did not do more than to complete the statistics of a forceful and festive winner. Of leader that accepts all the virtues that wants him to add to this Barcelona, because it gives the sensation that always is something more to say, something more than to emphasize: we always reiterated the old woman words between and new praises that do not do more than to put in the true dimension the greatness of this equipment.

Barcelona approaches the 22 more and more May, and therefore to Santiago Bernabéu. The best equipment of the 2009 world already is between best the eight of Europe in 2010. It has everything to be owner of the planet, only lacking that the time happens.