Laporta: Didn’t expect, but had on mind last year

The president of the FC Barcelona did not let take itself it to remind the eternal competitor of the home debacle of the last yearly.

Joan Laporta, the president of the FC Barcelona, did not see the impressive 6:2 victory of Real Madrid over the FC mansion-material in the Santiago Bernabeu, because he celebrated the victory of the Copa Del Rey with the Basketballern. Who was defeated in the final? Exactly, naturally Real Madrid.

„I did not see that to 6,2, but last year the 2:6 “, so Laporta in relation to sport with an allusion on the historical success of Barcelona in the last season in the Santiago Bernabeu.

Which superstar is better?

On the constant comparisons between Lionel he gave the following answer Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: „I could even imagine that both think also, who shoots more gates and who prepares more hit. Each professional strives ever for more. “