Stuttgart 1:1 Barcelona

Barcelona ties with goals and removes a good result in the Stuttgart, best if we consider the happened thing in the field, since the Catalans mainly underwent insuffrable in the Mercerdes-Benz the sand, during the first time.

Guardiola, that finally could count on almost all the cracks that they were doubt before the encounter, placed on the land of game to key men like Messi or Ibrahimovic, remaining Dani Alves like the main loss of the blaugrana equipment.

The Stuttgart, on the other hand, bet by the speed and the mordant one of Cacau, as well as the work of Khedira in half of field and the boarding schools of Molinaro by the left band.

Indeed, in the first time, where all the ingredients of the soccer of the Stuttgart could be conjugated, Barcelona suffered in its area, without ball and with great insecurity, while the premises were dedicated to hang balls to the area time and time again.

In one of those many balls, Cacau it found the head closing to make sound the Catalan alarms, seeing Guardiola from the bench as the eliminatory one escaped of them hand dangerously to him.

The Stuttgart continued trying it during all the first half, but the premises did not return to find portería, although yes a clear hand of Gérard I itched in the area that the associated one did not know or it did not want to see, since it did not indicate other two hands either more, of Ibrahimovic and Molinaro, respectively, in second half.

After the rest, that arrived like a balsam for those from Guardiola, Barcelona learned the lesson, retained the ball and assured in the combinations to lose less dangerous balls and, thus, although little by little, culés was having some occasion.

In the one of them, probably clearest one, Ibrahimovic almost was a ball in the small area that it starred in Lehman, although was able to gather his rejects and to write down the goal of the Catalan tranquillity.

After this as much, Barcelona let run the clock, whereas the Stuttgart did not make too much either revert the situation, reason why the reading removes from which to both equipment it is worth a tie to them with goals that, in fact, is only good for the Barça, mainly after the sight in the field. The Camp Nou will decide in the return.