Laporta ratifies Godall as the candidate of continuity

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta has made a slip during a press conference in which he set June 13 as election date when he claimed to be a single candidate who will defend the current model of its Board, in reference to a Alfons Godall that “can improve” the model and to the detriment of Jaume Ferrer.

“There will be a candidate to defend this model, who has lived from within. The rest will take other models,” Laporta was launched prior to reiterate his words the day Godall made his candidacy official. “I said I was (Godall) best suited to defend it,” snapped.

In this sense, although would not start to assess the candidates, defended back to Godall but also the position of Ferrer, who said there “would not limit their choices and dreams”. “I’m not clear who is the defender that can improve the current model. But I will not constantly be repeating what I think about this,” he asked.

Laporta is not clear a rapprochement between the two vice presidents who have bid. “As is all, it is clear that there will be two candidates who will leave the board. But you never know, I would not give a final decision, but today it seems clear that there will be two,” he said.

It provides a tough campaign
However, it provides a rough campaign or detrimental to the sporting interests. “I am confident in exercising responsibility of all candidates for this process to the least affected the progress of the team,” he argued, although “depend” of candidates.

Finally, for his part said that there is no problem by cohabitation and president-elect him. “For my part, I will maintain absolute normality cohabitation with whoever wins. Obviously I’ll be more happy if he wins Barca defending our model choice,” snapped in a new reference to Godall.