Barcelona 2:1 Malaga

Attacked the 90 minutes to try to surpass to a Malaga that was only dedicated to defend itself. Pedro abrió to the half-full tin the second time, but culés trusted and I cripple wrote down in a good one against a happens of Ovine. Thus everything, Xavi, that was inspired all the encounter, removed from the chistera happens galactic so that Alves later left the goal him of the victory to I read Messi. Great victory of Barcelona before the Malaga in the Camp Nou after suffering during 90 minutes to break the defensive wall of the equipment visitor, who arrived at Barcelona with the very clear ideas. Guardiola had available its better men and, in fact, finery played with the eleven, having in the land of game to a Dani Alves that returned to help to shine to I read Messi, missed that it in the field. The Malaga, on the other hand, arrived at the Camp Nou with the plan to hold and to hope to that it could sound the flute in the unique occasion to the con of that they arranged, and in fact sounded, although this was not sufficient to take points of Barcelona. The party began with Catalan dominion, and thus the encounter stayed throughout. Iniesta and Xavi, most active in the game culé, were the one who handled to the equipment of the field in center and the plays in portería of Munúa even finished, that was always filled with defenses. Taconazo of Xavi to happens of Iniesta was the best occasion of Barcelona in the first time, being the Catalan midfield player on the verge of signing golazo of flag in an authentic party of crack, since it was the one who marked the difference at any moment. In spite of the game of attack of the premises, the goal would not arrive until entered good the second, with Pedro abriendo the tin of strong and precise firing from outside the area. The young canary wrote down thus his seventh goal in League with Barcelona, signing the same key for culés, like almost all that write down. After this goal, Barcelona relaxed and began to play as if it was making goals, error of those of Guardiola that paid expensive, since the Malaga had one against and I cripple did not pardon by hand in the hand with Buckets after it only left Ovine it with happens through a too much advanced defense. Barcelona, with the tie in the marker and just a short time ahead, put the work monkey, whereas Xavi removed from the chistera an authentic one passes magician through a sea of defenses of the Malaga to find Alves, that it gave to Messi the goal him in the line of portería. The Argentinean wrote down and culés their victory and its better registry in League leave happy with, with 19 victories and 4 ties and a single defeat. Madrid must continue hoping to assault the first position.

Stuttgart 1:1 Barcelona

Barcelona ties with goals and removes a good result in the Stuttgart, best if we consider the happened thing in the field, since the Catalans mainly underwent insuffrable in the Mercerdes-Benz the sand, during the first time.

Guardiola, that finally could count on almost all the cracks that they were doubt before the encounter, placed on the land of game to key men like Messi or Ibrahimovic, remaining Dani Alves like the main loss of the blaugrana equipment.

The Stuttgart, on the other hand, bet by the speed and the mordant one of Cacau, as well as the work of Khedira in half of field and the boarding schools of Molinaro by the left band.

Indeed, in the first time, where all the ingredients of the soccer of the Stuttgart could be conjugated, Barcelona suffered in its area, without ball and with great insecurity, while the premises were dedicated to hang balls to the area time and time again.

In one of those many balls, Cacau it found the head closing to make sound the Catalan alarms, seeing Guardiola from the bench as the eliminatory one escaped of them hand dangerously to him.

The Stuttgart continued trying it during all the first half, but the premises did not return to find portería, although yes a clear hand of Gérard I itched in the area that the associated one did not know or it did not want to see, since it did not indicate other two hands either more, of Ibrahimovic and Molinaro, respectively, in second half.

After the rest, that arrived like a balsam for those from Guardiola, Barcelona learned the lesson, retained the ball and assured in the combinations to lose less dangerous balls and, thus, although little by little, culés was having some occasion.

In the one of them, probably clearest one, Ibrahimovic almost was a ball in the small area that it starred in Lehman, although was able to gather his rejects and to write down the goal of the Catalan tranquillity.

After this as much, Barcelona let run the clock, whereas the Stuttgart did not make too much either revert the situation, reason why the reading removes from which to both equipment it is worth a tie to them with goals that, in fact, is only good for the Barça, mainly after the sight in the field. The Camp Nou will decide in the return.

Messi: Outstanding Ronaldo

That becomes still another fight for the Spanish championship on all-highest level, if Real Madrid can shine further in such a way like last with the 6:2 against Villarreal. That sees also of Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi in such a way. That saw a great material with an outstanding Cristiano Ronaldo.

„I saw on Sunday a great Real Madrid, with an outstanding Cristiano Ronaldo, with its achievement and its free impact hit the all over-radiated “, said Lionel Messi opposite Marca about the star of the royal ones.

Much praise of Messi for material and CR9

Lionel Messi continued to swarm over the large contractors: „Material is a great crew with excellent players and therefore becomes it up to the season end a close fight for the title. “

Full concentration against VfB Stuttgart

Vorm play of the FC Barcelona with the VfB Stuttgart warned the Argentine national player: „We know all that there are no more simple plays on this level in Champions League, a weak play and you can before from. Therefore we participate with full concentration and want in Stuttgart a good result to achieve. “

Barcelona 4-0 Racing Santander

4-0 to the Santander for the men of Guardiola, waiting for Real-Villarreal tomorrow evening.

Three advance payments in program in Spain, to appetizer of 23esima the day. In the afternoon Sport the Coruna has made to be worth the factor field against the fanalino of Xerez tail. A Victoria for 2-1 for the galiziani that Champions League zone to hand capacity means.

In first evening it is come down in field also Barcelona di Guardiola, than she has not had some problem against the Santander, strapazzato for 4-0. The nets of Iniesta, Henry, Marquez and of the centrocampista young person Thiago (class 1991) assure to maintain still at least two competitive edges on the rivals of Real Madrid.

Barcelona Laporta is fit to rule Catalunya

Barcelona president Joan Laporta continues to play to be political. During an interview in the newspaper Avui said that, once leaves office at the end of the season Barcelona would be able to govern Catalonia.

“I am able to govern Catalonia, I’ve proven over the years at Barca,” said Laporta.

“If I decide I appreciate also the how, but always with the goal of ensuring that Catalonia has its own state,” the president of Barcelona.

Returning to sports today, criticized the candidates for president: “I see any alternative to the model as an alternative Godall uncertain for Barca. Will be put at risk the sports structure that has led us to make the best year ever.”