Laporta said that the “best solution” is to call an election at the end of season

The president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, has hinted that elections for president of the Catalan club could be the end of the season, even on a day without football, and would consult this idea to the executive body, including technical, Josep Guardiola.

A round with the date

Laporta has attended this evening at sunset over the candidacy of Alfons Godall, senior vice president of the club, who says he presented his candidacy for election to the presidency Barca. For President Barca, the club will decide the election date “when you consider the best interests of Barca.

“At the end of the season?

“In principle there is no provision that is on the agenda of Vic, unless there is a board member who wishes to put this matter. But it would be hasty. I did not say that would be a game day. I said it would the day when we thought that there was maximum participation, “he argued. “What would that be normal game day, but do not want to unsettle the squad. Here we have to evaluate all the constraints. Perhaps the best solution is to end the season. We would do a series of actions to encourage participation,” he added.

For consensus

About what situation would definitely be taken to specify the date, Barca president has not wanted to dwell too much, but has indicated that you wish to consult with the executive team of the entity. “I would like all sections of the club, I mean the corporate general direction, to the board and the coaching staff, as well as the technical secretariat, known then and that they believe is right for that is not detrimental the interests and functioning of the club, and their areas of responsibility, “Laporta justified.