“It is a pleasure to work with Laporta,” admits Guardiola

Josep Guardiola appeared before the microphones for the first time since the confirmation of a contract extension with Barcelona. Thus, the FC Barcelona coach said that delaying the final decision was due to never tense relationship with President Joan Laporta and even flowers filled the top manager of the club.

“Laporta let me do everything. I do not remember a president with whom no unanimity, but it is a pleasure to work alongside. Barcelona gave me more to me than I them, and part of them is the current chair,Pep stated in the press conference.

In addition, the technician also settled the whole issue of the renewal of his contract with the confirmation that will be another year at the club, despite the lack of signature.

“Next year will be the Barcelona coach, but will not sign until the new president.”

“With Laporta are not close friends, but our relationship is excellent. We are not at all agree, obviously. But it was he who gave me the opportunity to be here.”

Ibrahimovic: “I strongly disagree with what is said. Play much better than he thinks and moves much better than you think.

Real Madrid. “All we did what we have to win again. If the mother took us five points of difference, would be the champions. The sound is bigger there, but maybe I’m wrong. So tranquilito and continue working.