Godall and his team in favor of continuing a successful model

Alfons Godall and is officially candidate for president of FC Barcelona. The current club vice president, wrapped by president Joan Laporta, Rafael Yuste, Josep Cubells and Xavier Sala i Martín among other managers, presented his candidacy by highlighting the positive values of ‘Laporta was’ and focusing on the experience and a successful model who has the club living the best period in its history.

“A great legacy”

With the motto ‘+ Barça’ as a starting point and an aesthetic similar to that used Laporta in the 2003 campaign, Alfons Godall spoke of a project based “on experience and knowledge of the entity” and “in the belief who have lived the best part of our history. ” Godall also had words for a Laporta thrilled for many strains of the event: “We leave a great legacy and to try igualarte duties.

Sala i Martín, aggressive speech

Xavier Sala i Martín was the ‘opening act’ of Godall offering a much more powerful and with some ‘Recaditos’ to Sandro Rosell. Sala i Martín pulled chest of the confidence reposed in Rijkaard as “a vice president gambled on his removal” and noted the courage of Laporta, with Godall always at his side, hiring Eto’o while others were afraid to “be angry” at Madrid and giving coach Guardiola alternative to defending the fortress against the project “samba model.

Laporta praised Godall

President Joan Laporta Alfons Godall introduced as “one of the architects of what has been achieved over the years” and added that he is the person “fit” to continue with the project. “I think it is a quiet, focused, responsible and suitable person to lead the quiet strength that should continue this pattern for more Barca Barca,” Laporta said after the presentation of the candidacy of Godall.