Facts and figures from Tuesday's game

Xavi, during the game / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB
Barça dominated possession with 71% and had 18 shots – five on target

Xavi made the most successful passes for the team with 111

Dani Alves won the ball back 11 times and made 87 successful passes

Xavi Hernández and Dani Alves topped the stats for Barça against Atletico Madrid, with the Catalan making most passes and the Brazilian one of the players who figured most during the 90 minutes.

Four Barça players won the ball back more than 10 times during the game  – Bartra 15 times, Mascherano 13, Jordi Alba 12 and Dani Alves 11. The team as a whole won the ball back 86 times – three more than Atletico.

 Barça made 688 successful passes against Atletico’s 236.

 Xavi made the most successful passes with 111, followed by  Dani Alves with  87 and Busquets with 84. Gabi made 39 and was Atletico’s most successful passer.

 Alves and Xavi were Barça’s most active players, with the Brazilian intervening 75 times and the Catalan 78, whilst Gabi was Atletico’s most active player with 44 interventions.

Barça had 71% of possession and had 18 shots, five on target to Atletico’s five shots, four on target.

Whilst Atletico made just six crosses into the box, Barça put in  29.

 Atletico Madrid gave no quarter and committed 24 fouls  – nine more than Barça and also picked up six yellows to Barça’s two.

 Neymar suffered most fouls – seven, whilst Diego was the most sinned against Atletico player, receiving three fouls.

Atletico’s deep lying defence meant that the ref blew not a single offside against Barça’s forwards, whilst the visitors were blown up three times for the same offence.

Barça made 17 successful dribbles – Neymar contributing most with seven, Atletico made three successful dribbles,