Messi says FC Barcelona were unlucky against Levante

Leo Messi vs Levante / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUÍZ
The Argentinian says that his team did “everything possible to win” against Levante

Leo Messi talked to the press after the match against Levante and he lamented his team’s the lack of accuracy in front of Navas’ goal: “It’s a shame, we did everything possible to win but they closed themselves off at the back and they didn’t give us any space.” Messi went on to say that Barça did everything within their power to secure the three points: “It’s a difficult stadium to play in, but we tried. We did enough to deserve the win, we just lacked a bit of luck.”

Barça will visit Levante again on Wednesday in the Copa del Rey. “I think Levante will play the same way on Wednesday,” said Messi.

Here are the statements made by some of the players after the match:


“I was upset because of the match. I felt good and we were creating chances. It was the frustration you get when the ball just doesn’t want to go in.”

“I have the sense that we could have played better in the first half,  but in the second we dominated. We controlled the game, we were a bit unlucky.”

Jordi Alba:

“They packed it in all game long, it was difficult for us to find a way through.”

“It’s a shame that we lost points, Atlético Madrid and Madrid are very strong rivals and we can’t lose a lot of points.”

Gerard Piqué:

“It wasn’t a great day, we wanted to win but it wasn’t meant to be. We don’t feel bad because we created chances – we just didn’t convert them.”

“The league is very long, there are 18 more games to be played. There are a lot of points up for grabs.”

“I think the game on Wednesday will be similar. They’ll close themselves off at the back, it’s not the first time they’ve played like that against us.”

Sergio Busquets:

“We deserved to win. We controlled the game but their goal disrupted our plans. We tried to win the game until the end.”