Manchester City qualify for the final of the Capital One Cup (0-3)

Goals from Negredo (2) and Agüero send FC Barcelona’s Champions League rival through to the final of the Capital One Cup

Manchester City qualified for the final of the Capital One Cup this Tuesday evening. The Citizens defeated West Ham United by an aggregate score of 9 to 0 in the semi-finals. In the first leg, FC Barcelona’s Champions League rivals won 6-0 and tonight they won 0-3 thanks to goals from Negredo (2) and Agüero.

Manchester City will face the winner of the Manchester United-Sunderland tie, which will be played on Wednesday. Sunderland won the first leg 2-1.

0-2 at the break

City got to work quickly as Negredo and Agüero scored before the break (min 3 and 24, respectively). Negredo added to his tally in the second half to make it 0-3.