Song: “We have to show we’re the World’s best team”

In an interview, Song talks about the team, and also about how he’s adapted to Barça

In an interview with Barca TV and, Alex Song talked about the Barça first team. The Cameroon midfielder stressed that the players have not lost their appetite to stay at the top in World Football. “FC Barcelona is the best team in the world and we are always looking to improve…….but other teams have done their homework on Barça, and winning a game before kicking a ball is impossible” he emphasised, then added: “We have to show that we are the best team in the world and win every game”. [[CITA_1]]

To this end he recognised that, in Bilbao, Barça were not at their best, but “it’s not a crime and there’s no hurry……we lost the game, but we are professionals, we have great players in the squad and we know what we have to do”. The win in Cartagena was a good way to get back on track following the two losses at Ajax and Bilbao. “We did some self analysis and looked to improve. It’s what we do every day in training, working with the coaching team” Song explained.

On Wednesday Barça are at home to Celtic in the Champions League. “We want to play well and win. We have a lot to prove after the last Champions League match. I’m pretty relaxed, the build-up is the same as always, and we can’t wait for the match” Song commented. [[CITA_2]]

Song also talked about his second season at the Club. “It’s much better this season, because when you come to a new country with a new language and a new culture, you need time to adapt. I came to a great family here and was welcomed with open arms“. The fact that Cesc, who was with Song at Arsenal, is at Barça, has helped him adapt. “He’s like a brother. He helped me from the start and all has gone great”, Song recognized, and emphasised that, “Now I feel good, and understand the language better, even though I don’t speak it very well. Life here is great, my adaptation has been smooth and I’m really happy here”.

We’ve got great players in the squad and we all know what we have to do
I came to a great family here and was welcomed with open arms