VIDEO: Neymar makes Syafiq’s dream come true

2013-08-09 NEYMAR NIKE MALASIA 03-Optimized
In this video published by Nike, FC Barcelona’s Neymar brings some magic into the life of a young Malaysian fan

Syafiq aspires to be a professional footballer himself one day, and the experience reminds Neymar of his own childhood

During FC Barcelona’s visit to Malaysia this summer, new signing Neymar took some time out to visit 15-year-old Syafiq, a huge admirer of the Brazilian striker whose dream is to become a professional footballer too.

In this video, Neymar visits the teenager’s home and school in an underprivileged area of Kuala Lumpur, an experience which reminds him of his own upbringing in Sao Paolo. Nike captures the magic of the moment of this meeting between two people from different worlds, but who share not only a passion for football but also many other things in common, and the day ends with Syafiq and his friends being invited to watch FC Barcelona play.