The new Barça kit for the 2015/16 season

Barça new blaugrana kit / NIKE
The famous Barça stripes will be hoops, inspired by the horizontal stripes of the Barça flags that fans wave on match days at the Camp Nou

On Tuesday 26 May the ‘blaugrana’ shirt will be on sale at NIKE.COM/FCB and club shops

Pride, passion and history

 “These new kits are a homage to the club, its fans’ passion and its incredible sporting history”, comments Martin Lotti, Creative Director at Nike Football. “The kits are the result of a close collaboration between FC Barcelona and Nike and reflect a profound understanding of the unique cultural importance of the club and our shared commitment to revolutionising the sport of football”.

FC Barcelona next season will have a new kit from Nike in which the famous blaugrana stripes will be horizontal by the horizontal stripes of the blaugrana flags that are waved by the fans on match day at Camp Nou. The horizontal stripes have been seen before on kits for the basketball, rugby and track and field teams at FC Barcelona. However, it is the first time in the long and rich history of the Club that the football team will have horizontal stripes on their kit.

On 26 May the shirt will be available at NIKE.COM/FCB and in the shops.

The four maroon horizontal stripes stand out on a blue background, a design that is 100% blaugrana for fans all over the world. A yellow gold rivet with four thin red stripes surround the outside part of the collar, stylised and modern and on the inside of the collar the club’s famous logo ‘More than a Club’ can be seen, just as it can be in the stands at Camp Nou.

The yellow golden stripe on sides of the shirt continues down the shorts which are in the classic red of FC Barcelona.

The new socks for the first team are blue with a red stripe in the top part where a wide stripe of small chevrons in the calf area can be seen in golden yellow.

Both for the first and second kits there will be a special form of lettering for the names and numbers of the players, more refined and thinner for the coming season.

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The Barça second strip in 2015/16 will be golden yellow

The Barça second strip in 2015/16 /NIKE
The Catalan flag is the inspiration for this shirt, with four red vertical stripes on the back over a golden yellow background

The ‘senyera’, the iconic flag of Catalonia, that is so important in the city and club’s culture, is the inspiration for the second strip, with evocative colours and plenty of details.

The new second strip is golden yellow, a tone associated to Catalonia. There are four vertical red stripes on the back over a golden yellow background from top to bottom. The design is inspired by the way that FC Barcelona fans drape the Catalan flag over their backs like a cape, thus expressing their passion for Catalonia and the club.

The shirt will be on sale from June 25 and features a modern, rounded collar, which is yellow in front to match the neck of the shirt, and has two stripes on the back in the typical Barça colours around the neck, in recognition of the usual first strip colours. Inside the neck we find the famous club slogan, ‘Més que un club’.

The shirt also has a blue line on each side. These go down to the sky blue shorts as well, which is a nod to the kits that so many legendary FC Barcelona players wore in the early 1970s.

Second shorts option

This season, FC Barcelona has a second option for the shorts, a golden yellow model with a blue stripe on the sides, which clearly reflects Catalan pride in the form of yellow from head to toe.

The new golden yellow socks of the second strip include a wide blue stripe with little crests on the calves.

For both the first and second kit, the exclusive FC Barcelona font for the player names and numbers has been modified. It has been slightly refined for the new season, looking sharper and thinner.

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Innovation and technology in the shirts

The details of the new Barça shirt for the 2015/16 season. / NIKE
The new Barça kits, made of recycled polyester incorporate the latest Nike developments

The new kits represent with pride the club symbols, and also feature the very latest Nike developments regarding invocations in performance, textile technology, dampness control and environmental sustainability.

Nike’s Dri-FIT technology pushes sweat to the outside of the shirt and shorts, where it evaporates quickly. This means that the players will be able to perform better because they will be drier, cooler and more comfortable.

The ventilation holes are laser cut and the mesh panels in key areas of the uniform were designed to improve performance by increasing air circulation around the players’ bodies, while also helping to regulate temperature.

The shirt is made of an engineered textile including a mesh structure under the chest to help increase air flow and movement. For the first time, the names and numbers of the players also include a new and innovative ventilation system to help with humidity control.

Sustainable innovation

Nike includes sustainable innovation in the heart of its uniforms through the use of recycled polyester, offering insuperable performance and less environmental impact.

Each garment (shirt, shorts and stockings) is made of recycled polyester, which is taken from recycled bottles, which are melted into a thin thread that is used to create the textile. Each shirt makes use of 18 recycled bottles. Since 2010, Nike has used more than 2 billion plastic bottles from garbage dumps to create recycled polyester, enough to cover 3,500 football pitches.

Thanks to the use of recycled polyester, Nike has also reduced the energy consumed in the manufacture process by 30% compared to virgin polyester. For further information please visit


Highlights from FC Barcelona's 2–2 draw with Deportivo at Camp Nou

Messi's header gave Barça a 1–0 lead in minute five. / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB
See all four goals from the final La Liga game of the 2014/15 season


Luis Enrique says Xavi one of a kind

Luis Enrique speaks to the Camp Nou crowd after the game. / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB
Coach says title even more special due to quality of their direct rivals

Declares Xavi tribute to be remembered for a long time

Luis Enrique’s post-game press conference after the celebration of the league title and the tribute to Xavi Hernández was more extensive than usual. The coach said “There will never be another player like him.”

He reminded everyone of the value of “this title, which is based on what is done throughout the season. We have been very good all year, though obviously we had better moments than others.” Luis Enrique is convinced that this title has even more value “because we have been fighting until the second to last match day against the best Real Madrid in recent years.”

Regarding the draw against Deportivo the coach made clear that Barça “tried to win until the end.” He said Deportivo’s defensive strength kept his squad from winning.

Thomas Vermaelen, injured all year, finally made his debut. Luis Enrique said he was “very happy for [Vermaelen] and Douglas, both are very good.” Regarding Vermaelen, the coach said, “he is an experienced player who is great with his feet and is aggressive. It is a great signing for next season.”

Optimism towards the treble

Regarding the two remaining games, the finals of the Spanish Cup and the UEFA Champions League, Luis Enrique says he is “optimistic because of how we got here,” but knows that it will not be easy against two great teams.

The coach said that Luis Suárez, who is still not 100%, will probably play in both finals.

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